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  • Evolving and testing a strategy for curriculum development in science relevant to the Indian school system at the primary and secondry levels / by Jayashree Ramadas
    (Ph.D. Thesis, 1981)

  • Development instructional strategies to overcome difficulties in concept formation in science and mathematics (with special reference to socio-economically deprived students) / by S. C. Agarkar.
    (Ph. D. thesis, 1987)

  • Mathematical models and empirical studies of literacy progression and scientific information diffusion / by M. P. Deshpande.
    (Ph. D. thesis, 1991)

  • The impact of science education in terms of  human resource development in socio-economically deprived groups (with special emphasis on career selection) / by Sugra Chunawala.
    (Ph. D. thesis, 1992)

  • Identifying student's misconcepts and learning barriers in Chemistry and designing and evaluating appropriate remedial measures / by Savita Ladage. (Ph. D. thesis, 1995)
  • Development of innovative experimental problems and demonstrations in physics with suitable instructional strategies for them and investigating their effectiveness in laboratory training / by Rajesh B. Khaparde.
    (Ph. D. thesis, 2001)

  • Interactive instructional systems for elucidating concepts in chemistry / by Syed Safi Athar.
    (Ph. D. thesis, 2001)

  • Introducing indian middle school students to collaboration and communication centred design and technology education : a focus on socio-cultural and gender aspects / by
    Swati Mehrotra.
    (Ph. D. thesis, 2008)
  • Developing a learning sequence for transiting from arithmetic to elementary algebra / by Rakhi Banerjee.
    (Ph. D. thesis, 2008)
  • Investigating middle school students' perceptions of technology and developing design and technology education units to study students' design production : a thesis / by Ritesh P. Khunyakari.
    (Ph. D. thesis, 2008)

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