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Physics / Astronomy

Physics / Astronomy


Acta Astronomica (Vol.42, 1992+)

American Journal of Physics (Current + Complete Archive)

Annals of Physics

Applied Optics  (Current + Complete Archive)

Applied Physics Letters  [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]

Applied Superconductivity

Astrobiology [Online Only (Vol.1, 2001) +]

Astronomical Journal (Online Only)

Astronomy & Astrophysics (Online Only)

Astronomy Letters

Astronomy Quarterly

Astronomy Reports

Astroparticle Physics (Online Only)

Atomic Data & Nuclear Data Tables (Online Only)

Bulletin of  American Physical Society (Online Only)

Chaos, Solitons & Fractals

Chemical Physics

Classical & Quantum Gravity (Online Only)

Critical Reviews in Solid State & Materials Sciences(Current + Complete Archive)

Current Opinion in Solid State & Materials Science

Design Quarterly 1954-1996

Design Studies

European Journal of Physics (Online Only)

European Physical Journal `A'

European Physical Journal `B'

European Physical Journal `C'

European Physical Journal `D'

Foundations of Physics

General Relativity & Gravitation

 International Journal of Modern Physics - A(Current + Complete Archive) Particles & Fields; Gravitation; Cosmology; Nuclear Physics

International Journal of Modern Physics - B(Current + Complete Archive) Condensed Matter Physics; Statistical Physics; Applied Physics

International Journal of Modern Physics - C (Current + Complete Archive)

Computational Physics and Physical Computation

International Journal of Modern Physics - D(1992-2000)

Gravitation; Astrophysics and Cosmology

International Journal of Modern Physics - E(1992-2000) Nuclear Physics

International Journal of Theoretical Physics

Journal of Applied Physics [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]

Journal of Chemical Physics [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]

Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics & Materials(1992 - 2000)

Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics & Materials(JNOPM)

Journal of Optics A: Pure & Applied Optics (Online Only)

Journal of Optics B : Quantum & Semiclassical Optics (merged with Journal of Physics B : Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics)

 Journal of Physics - A (Online Only)

Journal of Physics - B (Online Only)

Journal of Physics - D (Online Only)

Journal of Physics - G (Online Only)

Journal of Physics & Chemistry of Solids (Online Only)

Journal of Physics : Condensed Matter (Online Only)

Journal of Physics : Conference Series (Online Only) *

Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory & Experiment (Electronic Only)

Measurement Science & Technology (Online Only)

Molecular Physics (Online Only)

Nature Physics (Vol. 1, 2005+)

New Journal of Physics (Electronic only)

Nuclear Physics

Nuclear Physics-A (Online Only)

Nuclear Physics-B (Online Only)

Nuclear Physics-B : Proceedings Supplements(Online Only)

Optics & Photonics News

Physica - A (Online Only)

Physica - B (Online Only)

Physica - C (Online Only)

Physica - D (Online Only)

Physica - E (Online Only)

Physical Review - B [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]

Physics (Online Only) * null

Physics Education (Online Only)

Physics Letters - A

Physics Letters - B

Physics Teacher  (Current + Complete Archive)

Planetary & Space Science

Proceedings of Indian Academy of Sciences - Earth & Planetary Sciences [Contd as Journal of Earth System Science]

Progress in Particle & Nuclear Physics

Progress in Quantum Electronics (Online Only)

Progress in Reaction Kinetics & Mechanism

Progress in Surface Science 

Progress of  Theoretical Physics (Current + Complete Archive)

Progress of  Theoretical Physics Supplement(Current + Complete Archive)

Quarterly Jrnl of Mechanics & Applied Mathe(Current + Complete Archive)

Reviews in Mathematical Physics (Current + Complete Archive)

Theoretical & Mathematical Physics




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