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Chemistry and Allied Sciences

Accounts of Chemical Research (Current + Complete Archive)

ACS Chemical Biology

Analytical Chemistry (Current  + Complete Archive)

Applied Surface Science

Biochemical Journal [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]

Biochemical Society Transactions (Online Only)


Bioorganic Chemistry

Chemical Physics

Chemical Reviews  (Current + Complete Archive) 

Chemistry - A European Journal (Current + Complete Archive)

Chemistry - An Asian Journal

Colloids & Surfaces

Combinatorial Chemistry - an Online Journal

Computational Biology & Chemistry

Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science

Education for Chemical Engineers

European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (1998+)

Food Chemistry

High Pressure Research (1988-1996)

Inorganic Chemistry (Current + Complete Archive)

International Journal of Chemical Kinetics ( Current + 1969-1995) 

International Journal of Inorganic Materials

International Journal of Quantum Chemistry (Current + Complete Archive)

Journal of Applied Polymer Science ( Current + 1959 - 1995)

Journal of Chemical documentation

Journal of Chemical Education (Current + Complete Archive)

Journal of Chemical Health & Safety

Journal of chemical information & computer science

Journal of Chemical Information & Modeling (Current + Complete Archive)

Journal of Chemical Sciences : [Formerly Proceedings of Indian Academy of Sciences - Chemical Sciences]

Journal of Chemical Theory & Computation  (Vol. 1, 2005+)

Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics

Journal of Colloid & Interface Science

Journal of Colloid Science

Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry (Current + Complete Archive)

Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry

Journal of Organic Chemistry (Current + Complete Archive)

Journal of Physical & Chemical reference data

 Journal of Physical Chemistry A (Current + Complete Archive) 

 Journal of Physical Chemistry B (Current + Complete Archive) 

 Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2007+)

Journal of Physics & Chemistry of Solids (Online Only)

Journal of Solid State Chemistry (Online Only)

Journal of  American Chemical Society (Current + Complete Archive)

Macromolecular Chemistry & Physics  (1947-1997)

Macromolecules (Current + Complete Archive)

Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry (1996+)

Materials & Corrosion (1950-1997)

Materials Chemistry

Materials Chemistry & Physics


Progress in Solid State Chemistry

Progress in Surface Science  


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