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Welcome to HBCSE Library

Here is where people,  one frequently finds,                                                                        

lower their voices and raise their minds.

 — Richard Armour


The HBCSE Library collection consists of around twenty five thousand books & bound volumes on various subjects like Computers, Psychology, Sociology, Education, Language, General Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology,  Technology etc. Library subscribes to 135 journals on various subjects published in India and abroad.


Collections & Resources:

Books                                                23337

Project Books                                     2537

Journals                                               135

Bound Volumes                                  2291

HBC Publications                                  271

CD-DVD                                                913

Video Cassettes(List)                             96

E-Journals Subscribed by HBCSE         335

                                                                                                                                                           Last update 23/02/2016
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