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Life Sciences

Life Sciences


ACS Chemical Biology

American biology teacher (1938-2006)

American Journal of Botany (1914-2004)

American Journal of Human Genetics

American Zoologist 1961-2001

Analytical Biochemistry

Annals of Botany  (1887-2001)

Annual Review of Ecology & Systematics 1970-2002

Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, & Systematics 2003-2004

Applied & Environmental Microbiology [Online Only (Current + complete archives)]

Archives of Biochemistry & Biophysics

Archives of Biochemistry & Biophysics

Astrobiology [Online Only (Vol.1, 2001) +]

Behavioral Ecology  (1990-1998)

Behavioral Ecology & Sociobiology 1976-2006 2007-2008

Behavioral Ecology (1990-1998) NEW

Biochemical & Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical Journal [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]

Biochemical Society Transactions (Online Only)

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Education (2000-2007)

Biochemistry (Current + Complete Archive)

Bioinformatics  (1985-2004)

Bioorganic Chemistry

Biophysical Journal (Current + Complete Archive)

Biotechnology & Bioengineering (1959-2010) NEW

Cell (Cell Press)

Cell (Science Direct)

Cell Biochemistry & Function (1983-1995) New

Cell Biology International

Cell Stem Cell

Cellular Immunology

Cellular Signalling

Computational Biology & Chemistry

Conservation Biology 1987-2001 (JSTOR)

Current Biology (1995-2010)

Current Genetics

Current Opinion in Biotechnology

Current Opinion in Cell Biology

Current Opinion in Chemical Biology

Current Opinion in Genetics & Development

Current Opinion in Immunology

Current Opinion in Microbiology

Current Opinion in Plant Biology

Development (Online Only)

Development Genes & Evolution

Developmental Biology (Online Only)

Discover Magazine  (Contact Journals Section for User Name & Password)

Early Science & Medicine 1996-2004

Ecological Applications 1991-2007

Ecological Bulletins 1975-2001

Ecological Indicators

Ecological Informatics

Ecological Monographs 1931-2007

Ecology 1920-2007

Ecosystems 1998-2006

European Journal of Biochemistry (Continued as FEBS Journal)

European Journal of Cell Biology

European Journal of Immunology

Evolution & Human Behavior

Evolutionary Applications

Frontiers in Ecology &  Environment 2003-2007


Genes & Development  [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]

Genes to Cells (1996-2008)

Genetical Research (1998-2006)

Genetics (Current + Complete Archive)


Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics

Geochemical Transactions (2000-2003)

Global Ecology & Biogeography 1999-2001

Human Molecular Genetics (1992-2010)

Human Reproduction (1986-2009)

Hypatia 1986-2004

Insect Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Integrative & Comparative Bio-  1996-2008 (1st pub in 1961 as Ame Zoologist)

Integrative Zoology

International Immunology (Current + Complete Archive) NEW

International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology

International Journal of Plant Sciences 1992-2004

Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology

Journal of Biochemical & Biophysical Methods

Journal of Biochemistry (1922 - 1995)

Journal of Biological Chemistry [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]

Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry(Current + Complete Archive)

Journal of Biological Systems (1993 - 2010)

Journal of Biomechanics

Journal of Biomolecular NMR

Journal of Biosciences (Current + Complete Archive)

Journal of Biotechnology

Journal of Cell Biology [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]

Journal of Cell Biology 1962-2008

Journal of Cell Science [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]

Journal of Cellular Biochemistry (Current + Complete Archive)

Journal of Ecology 1913-2004

Journal of Evolutionary Biology (1988-2008)

Journal of Experimental Biology [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]

Journal of Experimental Botany (1950 - 1995) NEW

Journal of General Physiology [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)]  

Journal of Genetics  (Current + Archive)

Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry

Journal of Molecular Biology (Online Only)

Journal of Molecular Recognition (1988 - 1995)

Journal of Physiology (Current + Complete Archive)

Journal of Population Economics 1988-2006

Journal of  History of Biology 1968-2006

Journal of  New York Entomological Society 1893-2004

Life Sciences

Mammalian Species 1969-2005

Methods in Ecology & Evolution

Microbial Biotechnology

Microbial Ecology 1974-2006

Microbio & Molecular Bio Rev [Online Only (Current + Complete Arch) (Continuation of Microbiological Reviews / Bacteriological Reviews)

Microbiology (1947-2009) 

Microbiology Today (Current + Complete Archive)

Microelectronics Journal (Online Only)

Molecular & Cellular Biology [Online Only (Current + Complete Archive)] 

Molecular & General Genetics

Molecular Cell

Molecular Cell Biology Research Communications

Molecular Physics (Online Only)

Molecular Systems Biology (Online Only)

Nature (1869+)

Nature Biotechnology (Vol. 24, 2006+)  NEW

Nature Cell Biology (Vol. 8, 2006+) NEW

Nature Genetics (Vol. 38, 2006+) NEW

Nature Immunology  (Vol. 7, 2006+) NEW

Nature Nanotechnology (Vol. 1, 2006+)  

Nature Physics (Vol. 2, 2006+)

Nature Structural & Molecular Biology (Vol. 13, 2006+) NEW

Philosophical Transactions (1665-1677)

Philosophical Transactions  (1683-1775)

Philosophical Transactions of  Royal Society of London (1776-1886)

Philosophical Transactions of  Royal Society of London. A (1887-1895)

Philosophical Transactions of  Royal Society of London. B (1887-1895)

Philosophical Transactions of  Royal Society of London. Series A, containing papers of Mathematical or Physical character (1896-1934)

Philosophical Transactions of Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical & Physical Sciences (1934-1990)

Philosophical Transactions of  Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences (1934-1990)

Philosophical Transactions of  Royal Society of London. Series B,containing papers of Biological character (1896-1934)

Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences (1990-2006)

Philosophical Transactions: Mathematical, Physical & Engineering Sciences (1996-2006)

Physiological & Biochemical Zoology  1999-2004

Physiological Entomology

Physiological Zoology 1928-1998

Plant & Cell Physiology (1959-1995) NEW

Plant Cell 1989-2007

Plant Ecology 1997-2006

Plant Physiology 1926-2007

Proceedings: Biological Sciences 1990-2006

Progress in Biophysics & Molecular Biology (Online Only)

Protein Engineering – 1986-2008

Protein Science (Current + Complete Archive)

Proteins : structure, function & bioinformatics (Current + Complete Archive)

Quarterly Review of Biology 1926-2004

Quarterly Review of Biophysics (Online Only)

Systematic Biology – 1952-2008 (Oxford)

Systematic Biology 1992-2006 (ASPT)

Systematic Botany 1976-2004

Systematic Botany Monographs 1980-2004

Systematic Zoology 1952-1991

Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Systems Biology & Medicine





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